Are You Aware of These Mascara Hacks?

Flawless, long and lush looking eyelashes are the dream of every woman out there. Each day, a woman has to go through various skin care routine before heading out for work, a date or just a walk. Mascara being part of this routine application is one of the most valuable kit and tool to making […]

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Bad consequences of chemical compounds in our meals

  Bad consequences of chemical compounds in our meals Meals incorporates vitamins vital for health, however it may additionally include chemicals which can increase your hazard of ailment. These chemical compounds can consist of pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, preservatives, artificial colors and flavors, and mass-produced fat and sweeteners. Now not all of those substances may also […]

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Mindfulness Lessons from the Martial Arts

  Martial Arts Many people don’t like martial arts. The main reason behind it is that they think they are too aggressive and violent. People who practice any type of martial arts are considered to be hostile, prone to start a fight and edgy, but the truth is something completely opposite. The ones who start […]

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