3 Reasons why you should not choose eyelash extensions

3 Reasons why you should not choose eyelash extensions

Having beautiful and long eyelashes is something all women are interested in. While it is possible to apply false eyelashes in the comfort of your own home, there are even more women who prefer professional help. Eyelash extensions have become a popular fashion trend, as they guarantee exactly the desired look. The procedure requires the individual application of individual strands to one’s natural lashes, being made from silk or synthetic material. It takes a couple of hours for the procedure to be completed and, in general, the replacement is necessary to be made every three weeks.

No matter how stylish you might consider eyelash extensions to be, they do come with a number of health risks. In this article, we will talk about the three main reasons why you should not choose eyelash extensions. Be sure to read this article through, so that you are able to take an informed decision regarding your eyelashes. As you will have the opportunity to see for yourself, eyelash extensions can lead to corneal & eyelid infections, they can cause allergic reactions (contact dermatitis) and also temporary/permanent eyelash loss. Each side-effect of eyelash extensions has serious risks to taking into consideration.

#1 Corneal/eyelid infection 

The application of eyelash extensions might not seem complicated but it actually requires a degree of experience. In the situation that the application is performed by an inexperienced technician, the risk of corneal/eyelid damage is high. There are small cuts that can occur at the level of the cornea, which also increases the risk of secondary bacterial infections. The risk of infection is present on its own, in the situation that the technician applying the eyelash extensions does not follow the recommended hygiene measures. Various bacterial microorganisms can be transmitted through improperly sterilized utensils or dirty hands.

If you believe such infections not to be that important, think again. Not only are bacterial infections of the eye quite difficult to treat but they can lead to serious complications, such as an impaired vision. Imagine going in for a procedure that should make you look good and ending up suffering from a serious infection at the level of the corneal or eyelid. Plus, you have to think about how much discomfort you are going to suffer from, as this kind of infections take longer to heal.

#2 Allergic reaction (contact dermatitis)

The main reason why allergic reactions develop is that the glue used for the application of eyelash extensions contains formaldehyde. This is a substance that poses a high risk for allergic reactions, leading to a wide range of problems for the person wearing the eyelash extensions. There are a wide range of symptoms that one can suffer from. First of all, one can experience a burning or a stinging sensation at the point of contact. Apart from that, the area might appear to be swollen, with the rash developing subsequently.

The unfortunate part about this kind of allergic reaction is that it does not disappear just as easily. It is often accompanied by intense itchiness, with scratching making the symptoms only worse. Moreover, because of the scratching, you can actually get the respective area infected (further complications will ensue from that). So, the next time you plan on getting eyelash extensions, thinks about these allergy-related risks and how difficult it will be to get back to normal.

#3 Temporary/permanent eyelash loss

Perhaps this is one of the most serious concerns eyelash extensions present. If you are not scared about corneal/eyelid infections or allergic reactions, you should definitely think about eyelash loss as an important risk. It has been demonstrated that the regular application of eyelash extensions can actually damage the lash follicle. It is also possible that the application of eyelash extensions can weigh heavily on the actual eyelashes, causing them to break.

Eyelashes are quite important, as they prevent dirt and debris from entering into the actual eye. They help one preserve vision and also reduce the risk of infection. When you think about getting eyelash extensions, think about the consequences of temporary eyelash loss. Or, in the situation that the problem becomes permanent, you might have to deal with eye-related disorders for your entire life. Is this really worth it? I believe you have the answer to that question.

In conclusion, getting eyelash extensions might seem a smart choice at first but, once you consider the associated health risks, you will definitely re-consider. There are many other ways in which you can have beautiful and long eyelashes, including a wide range of natural remedies. So, do not hesitate to search for other ways in which you can add both volume and length for your eyelashes. You will look fantastic and stay healthy at the same time, which is more than great. 

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