Makeup Tips for Eyelash Loss

Makeup Tips for Eyelash Loss
 All women want to look beautiful, with long and thick eyelashes represent an essential factor for a high level of attractiveness. However, many of them suffer from eyelash loss, a phenomenon which can cause a lot of frustration and distress. While it is possible that the eyelash loss is a regular occurrence, as the eyelashes fall and are replaced by new ones, there are also many other causes that can lead to the appearance of such problems.

One of the major causes of eyelash loss is blepharitis, an ophthalmologic condition which is characterized by an infectious and inflammatory process at the level of the eyelid. In chronic cases, the repeated inflammation is the one responsible for the destruction of the hair follicle, hence the eyelash loss. Constant irritations of the eye can lead to eyelash loss as well, especially if one gets accustomed to rubbing the respective eye excessively. Other causes of eyelash loss include dermatologic conditions (eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis), menopause, thyroid disorders (hypo/hyperthyroidism), medication (for acne, high cholesterol or hypertension) and chemotherapy.

Eye creams are often recommended to people who suffer from eyelash loss, as they hydrate the skin around the lash follicle and prevent future loss. However, it is just as important to treat the underlying condition, in order to ensure no more eyelashes are lost. Specialists also recommend eyelash growth products, such as serums and a wide range of natural remedies. Eyelash extensions represent a temporary solution, while surgical interventions might provide the desired results, but they can be quite expensive.

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    If you are looking for a cheap way to deal with eyelash loss, you should consider using certain makeup tricks. In this way, you will be able to mask the eyelash loss or draw attention to other areas of your face. The first thing that you need to do is change your mascara. It is recommended that you choose the blackest mascara that you can find on the market, preferably one that can add both volume and length to your eyelashes. Once you have found such a product, be sure to apply it in more than just one coat, as it will really make your eyelashes to stand out.

    The eyeliner can be of invaluable help when it comes to making your eyes stand out, with the attention being necessarily focused on the eyelashes. All you have to do is apply the eyeliner right at the lash line, as this will actually have an enhancing effect on the eyelashes. It is important that this line is thicker and dark in color, as this will cause the eyelashes to appear fuller than they really are. It is recommended that you purchase a gel-based eyeliner, as this will guarantee an easy application and will look good the entire day. As an alternative, you can consider using a liquid liner, but you might not be as satisfied with the way it will look after several hours (tendency to dry up and crack).

    Pencils are great for counteracting the eyelash loss but you have to choose a particular type and also know what to do with it. For example, it is recommended that you use a dark pencil that has a soft texture; the pencil should be used on the inner rims of both the upper and lower eyelid. In this way, you will make your eyes stand out, without the eyelashes being a problem at all.

    Even though you might not be as comfortable with the idea of wearing false eyelashes, you have to recognize that this is one of the easiest methods you have available. If you choose a top-quality product, you won’t have to worry about allergies or other things like that, plus you will really boost your eyelash volume. In the situation that this is your first time applying false eyelashes, it might be for the best to go to a professional salon. There, you can be instructed on how to remove them properly, in order to reduce the risk of losing even more, eyelashes.

    If false eyelashes are not your thing, you can consider drawing attention to other areas of your face. Using your regular makeup products, you can highlight your cheekbones and add a powerful color to your lips. As these will become the focal point of attention, no one will worry about your eyelashes any more. The idea is that you play with your makeup and create combinations that are going to stand out, without the eyes being the center.

    These are just a couple of makeup tips recommended for those who suffer from eyelash loss. As mentioned at the beginning of the article, it is equally important to take the necessary measures and treat the underlying condition that is causing the eyelash loss. Otherwise, you are going to keep on losing eyelashes and that is not alright.


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