Testosterone Results on the Face

The male hormone testosterone has many various results upon a person’s physique and mind. Earlier than a male child is born, testosterone secretions trigger his inner and exterior reproductive organs to develop. As soon as he reaches puberty, a person begins secreting fixed ranges of testosterone that have an effect on his bodily improvement and produce attribute traits of grownup males. A number of of those results are facial.

Facial Hair

Testosterone causes physique and facial hair to proliferate, ensuing within the characteristically darker, thicker hair of the grownup male as in comparison with ladies and boys. Facial hair, which usually covers the cheeks, chin, higher lip and neck of an grownup man, is among the outcomes of testosterone-driven hair progress, explains Dr. Lauralee Sherwood in her guide “Human Physiology.” The aim of facial hair is unknown, nevertheless it does not usually happen in ladies, and disappears in males who develop testosterone deficiencies. Testosterone-dependent facial hair is far darker, thicker and extra wiry than regular head hair, and has a flattened form, giving it extra curl than the hair a person grows on his head.


Whereas boys might eagerly anticipate most of the results of testosterone related to puberty, they sometimes do not sit up for its impact upon pores and skin high quality. Testosterone will increase oil secretion everywhere in the physique, however this impact is especially emphasised on the pores and skin of the face. One of many functions of elevated testosterone-driven oil secretion is to extend a person’s physique odor, which helps make him engaging to ladies, as physique oil incorporates attribute scent molecules to which ladies reply sexually. Dr. Gary Thibodeau, in his e-book “Anatomy and Physiology,” notes that the transition from childhood to grownup pores and skin may be notably tough, with oil secretions growing tremendously earlier than leveling off in post-pubescent males.


Testosterone additionally will increase facial pimples. A few of this impact is because of elevated facial oil; Dr. Thibodeau notes that when oil clogs facial pores–particularly if micro organism grow to be trapped within the pores–acne outcomes. Testosterone additionally makes pores and skin extra susceptible to pimples to start with, predisposing it to issues within the presence of elevated facial oil. Grownup males sometimes do not have the identical diploma of problem with pimples that teenage boys do, since testosterone concentrations degree off towards the top of puberty and the physique adapts. Males who complement with testosterone-like substances, together with many anabolic steroids, can expertise elevated facial pimples, nevertheless, as a aspect impact of elevated hormone ranges.

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